70’s Flashback Friday: K-tel Dance Off

One of the glorious benefits of writing a novel set in 1977 is that it gives the author an excellent excuse to wallow in 70’s pop culture and laugh herself silly for hours.  All in the name of literary research.

Welcome to 70’s Flashback Friday.  Where I finally get the chance to share my excellent research from the decade of disco debauchery.

Do you remember K-tel Records?

I think my mom may still have a few of my K-tel 8-tracks in her basement.  And the commercials!  Do you remember those commercials?  Well, thanks to the efforts of the You Tube community, you don’t have to remember.  You can see them again in all their glory.

So let’s have a Worst 70’s Dancer contest courtesy of the brilliant marketing team over at K-tel….

Contestant #1 – Blond chic from Right On:

(Uh….paging Tony Manero.  Is Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever in the house?  We need some dance instruction here STAT.)

Contestant #2 – Machine from Music Machine

(Look guys!  The evil robot from Lost In Space got a new gig!)

Hmmmm….I can’t possibly pick a winner.


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