Flashback Friday – The 1977 Trinity

Here’s a 70’s Flashback trivia question…

If I tell you I just read an article about “The 1977 Trinity,” what am I talking about?

A.  Charlie’s Angels!  Sabrina Duncan, Kelly Garrett and Jill Munroe, those three little girls who went to the police academy.

B.  Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi…everyone knows the first movie in the original trinity was released in May 1977!

C.  Three personal computers – Commodore PET, Apple II & Tandy Corporation’s TRS-80 – were launched in 1977.

D.  Onion, bell pepper & celery – the trinity of Creole and Cajun cooking were first introduced to the American television public on The Galloping Gourmet.

Don’t know?  Here’s a hint…..

Wow man…Dazzling color displays? Balance my checkbook? Create my own Pong games?!?! What will they come up with next?  More than 6 TV channels?  Far out!

(PS – If you just wanted a hand-held calculator with scientific functions and memory instead of some crazy home computer gadget, you needed to shell out $25.00.  That was the cost of the Texas Instruments TI-30 Calculator in 1977.)


2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – The 1977 Trinity

  1. wow! only 34 years ago. Think of how much our knowledge grew in the two-thousand years since Christ, and then think of how much it grew from 1877 to 1977, and then think of how much it will grow between 1977 and 2077. How much it has already grown since 1977. More than it had in the previous 2000 years altogether. It’s crazy.

  2. I knew there was a reason I, ScienceWriter, joined this thread!

    Moore’s Law states that computer capability doubles every two years and this has held relatively true. As ScienceWriter, I am of course completely up to date with nearly every aspect of technology….so if this device as in the ’77 ad will help balance my checkbook as claimed, please tell me how I can have one delivered to the office. — Mike

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