Flashback Friday – Milky the Cow

This one goes out to Bill & Paddi with great love.  We bonded over our Milky memories.

If you owned a Milky, maybe you’ll understand.

If you were too young, too old or just way too cool to own a Milky, you’ll never know the pure, innocent joy of inserting aspirin-looking tablets into a plastic cow and squeezing pretend milk out of her rubber utters.  I pity you!

Worst toy ever made?  Stop it.  Milky was hours of wholesome entertainment….not to mention early vocational training for a young child living in a small Ohio town with active chapters of Future Farmers of America and 4H Club.

You want stupid?  Check out the Gyro Wheel:

Or Stretch Armstrong/Stretch Monster:

Yeah…I owned all of the above.  And the Weebles McDonald’s Playset (How do you think they get their distinctive physique?), but I couldn’t find a video for that toyland gem.

I did NOT own Tanner, Barbie’s pooping poochie (It’s a real toy, look it up).

What was the most ridiculous/embarrassing toy you ever loved?


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