70’s Flashback – This Week in 1977

For some reason, I am fascinated by the fact that this year’s calendar dates match up with the days and dates in 1977–the year Star Wars hit theaters.  Also the year I chose as the setting for my first novel.  A very important year that is obviously dear to my heart.

The next year this will happen is 2022. (Good grief, let’s hope I’m not still editing this novel in 2022.)

Anyway, I was just doing some quick fact-checking in my original research folders and came across a page from my hometown newspaper dated June 3, 1977.

Here’s a quick snapshot of life in my little home slice of Ohio, thirty-four years ago today….

  • 8-16-oz bottles of Coca-Cola were on sale for $1.09 at The Beer Dock
  • Frisch’s Big Boy was offering All the Perch You Can Eat for only $1.85
  • The Cinema Four was showing Slap Shot (starring Paul Newman), The Sting (also starring Paul Newman), Annie Hall (destined to win 4 Oscars despite the lack of Paul Newman) and Nasty Habits (“Hilarious Heavenly Hash” according to Rex Reed).  Any show starting before 6:30 would cost an adult $1.50.
  • The Valley Drive-In was featuring Super Van (“It’s a free-wheelin, fun-truckin, freak out!”) while the Heath Auto Theater was raising the cinematic bar with Cherry Hill High (“School is out. Love is in.”)
  • Uh…anyone notice a lack of a certain blockbuster movie with an official release date of May 25, 1977?  More on this in a later post.
  • Daytime television still included Captain Kangaroo, The Howdy Doody Show, Edge of Night, Search for Tomorrow, Dinah and Match Game….

Ahhhhh…..Match Game!  The best freaking game show ever!  Oh how I miss you Charles Nelson Riley.


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