70’s Flashback – A.M. Radio

Oh yeah….Nothing says 70’s like a transistor radio tuned to A.M. Radio (but never quite tuned in perfectly so you could enjoy that scratchy scrabble of static to accentuate all your favorite tunes).

If you’ve never heard the Everclear song, take a moment to enjoy…

And now, would you like to hear a slice of the REAL thing? 

You got it…I don’t mean Toyota either:Dr. John Leader, 93/KHJ Los Angeles | July 1, 1977.

11+ minutes of talk (music edited out) from one of the best loved A.M radio personalities of all time.  Recorded in the Los Angeles area 34 years ago today. 

Give it a little time.  I especially love the description of “the drinking driver.”  Also, did you notice the brief mention of a movie called The Other Side Of Midnight?

Trivia Question:  What is the STAR WARS connection to the movie THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT?  (big hint)

All righty then, just remember…The weekend just looks OUTTA sight!


2 thoughts on “70’s Flashback – A.M. Radio

  1. What a freaky video. Especially when they put their faces in Cindy’s hair. Yikes. It brought back memories, though. I went to see a Led Zeppelin concert in 1977, for one thing.

  2. Reminds me of the summer of 1978 or 1979. My Dad had moved out to rural, western Colorado. I had a step-brother who got a transistor radio for his birthday. Only one or two stations came in, and one of them played “Le Freak” repeatedly – and, if I recall correctly, “My Life” by Billy Joel.

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