Who’s Afraid of Stephen Sansweet?

Me.  I’ve been trying to work up the courage to contact him for the past ten days.  I’m going to do it.  Before I go to bed tonight.  I am.

Who is this guy?  He’s the former Director of Content Management and Head of Fan Relations for Lucasfilm.  He’s also the author of several non-fiction Star Wars books (two of which I own) and the owner of the world’s largest private collection of Star Wars items.

Check it out:

OK, I’m being silly.  He seems like a decent, quirky, friendly sort of guy…doesn’t he?  Yeah!  Which is why I promised myself I would send him a quick email to introduce myself, tell him a little bit about my novel and ask for a little marketing advice.  Just a friendly little email.  The worst that can happen is he’ll ignore me.  Right?  Ugh.

Networking.  Bleh.  Hate it.


3 thoughts on “Who’s Afraid of Stephen Sansweet?

  1. Well, sort of accidentally on purpose. I quickly figured out that there are other writers (such as yourself) who do a much, much better job of writing for other writers. I am going to work on that link love thing soon. I am. But I need to find/read more blogs or else I’ll just keep linking to you and Stephanie Austin and a bunch of successful published authors who don’t need my link love.

  2. I don’t do a good job of talking about writing. It’s just that I have limited interests. My novels are YA romance. How do you write a blog for girls who love fantasy and romance? They wouldn’t be interested in anything I have to say in a nonfiction post, I don’t think. I’d be like all, “No, you can’t sleep with your boyfriend,” or, “no don’t do drugs,” or “no, you shouldn’t read trashy novels or go to trashy movies or play trashy video games, and for Pete’s sake quit texting so much; your thumbs are going to fall off.”

    I’m such a dinosaur. My children tune me out when I start lecturing, I don’t know why anyone else’s kids would want to listen to me.

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