OMG – Joshilyn Jackson Just Posted This

Am floating around on a fluffy cloud of happiness.  One of my most favoritest authors (who also writes one of the most hysterically funny author blogs out there – Faster Than Kudzu) is being featured in a new Georgia Perimeter College advertising campaign, complete with MARTA bus signs.  She posted a contest.  The first blog follower to send her a picture of her ad on an actual bus would win a whole heap of lovely prizes. 

I won!!!  Here’s her post:  Trisha Slay is Awesome

Actually, the coolest prize of all is the fact that she put my full freaking name as a title on her blog.  WOO HOO!!!!! 

BTW – Joshilyn is going to be a featured author at the Dahlonega Literary Festival in November, along with some other FABULOUS authors.  I’m a volunteer for this festival (and even met my sweetheart there in 2009) so expect to hear more about this year’s festival and the associated publishing conference very soon.


3 thoughts on “OMG – Joshilyn Jackson Just Posted This

  1. Very cool! My sister works for MARTA—in a trailer right in the middle of a huge parking lot full of buses. 🙂 But good for you for getting that picture. How did you manage?

    Thanks for the link to Faster Than Kudzu. I’d never been there. It looks like a great blog.

    • You know….it’s a bit of a story. I was checking out all of the buses that went past my office (not too far from GPC) but the only ads I saw were for fast food and one GPC ad featuring a sports guy. I was driving home that night (North on 400) and there was a bus in front of me. I tailed it into the Park & Ride lot at Mansell road (feeling utterly ridiculous) only to discover its ad was for Steak & Shake. I parked my car, called a friend I’ve been trying to reach, left a long message, then started to drive away when I noticed a new bus had arrived and was just sitting there perfectly lit up under a streetlight……and there was her ad. It was like a gift from heaven! And you know, I did something very brave and difficult for me. I told her she didn’t have to send me any prizes, I would prefer her professional opinion/advice on the first 15 pages of my fledgling novel. And she very graciously agreed! Even called to talk to me on the phone. It was SO AWESOME!!!! I almost wet my pants.

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