Halloween 2011….UGH!

My Halloween Score Card for 2011:

  • Costumes created – 0
  • Costumes worn – 0
  • Pets forced to wear costumes – 0
  • Pieces of candy given out – 0 (SERIOUSLY???)
  • Pumpkins carved – 0
  • Pumpkin seeds eaten/toasted – 0
  • Festive decorations adorning new home – 0
  • Ghostly movies discovered/re-visited – 0
  • Ghostly novels read/savored – 1
  • Ghost stories told/posted1
  • Spooky/Historic cemeteries visited2
  • Wild Halloween Parties attended – 1 (see pictorial proof below)

Wild Rumpus in Athens, GA - Thanks Tess & Shummy!!!

My Halloween 2011 Overall Score:  BIG FAT FAIL


I swear, I used to be a fun, freaky, creative Halloween fanatic.  Just ask this guy:

Hello! I'm the Jack-o-lantern Trisha created at her 2006 BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin) Carve & Cocktail Party. Wow, was that fun! I may be little more than compost for an organic turnip right now, but at least I have not lost the true spirit of All Hallows Eve, unlike my creator.

Ah well, there’s always next year. 

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!


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