Saving Boo Radley

Save Boo Radley

Hi. My name be Boo Radley. I am a 15-week-old male kitten who was abandoned in Two Mile Creek Park (Forsyth County, GA). I may not be the youngest or the prettiest kitten looking for a home, but I am a bundle of pure, fuzzy LOVE. Please help me find a forever home!

On December 26, Mike & I set out for a romantic sunset walk in one of our favorite Forsyth County parks…and discovered a wee, tiny unwanted Christmas “gift” from the Universe.  Some {bleepity bleep, bleep} person abandoned a scrawny 15-week-old kitten to fend for himself among the local coyotes and hawks.  I know he was abandoned & not the offspring of some random stray/feral cat because he loves people.  I mean he loves, loves, LOVES people.  He was running up to every human creature who passed and meowing his little head off.

I used to work in Humane Societies so you know….couldn’t leave him out there shivering and starving and begging every passing stranger for love.  The first time I fed him, he would eat a few bites, then run over and hug me, then run back to eat a few bites, then run over to hug me again, etc. 

Yeah….so he is exceptionally sweet-natured.  Because I am an honest person, I will tell you he is not exactly pretty.  He will not be winning any kitten beauty contests.  He is pale, painfully skinny, loud and always a bit dirty.  I’ve named him Boo Radley.  Mike says that is an awful kitten name and I should go with Smudge (which was my first thought) or Two Mile (yuck!), but I feel my little rescue foster kitten needs a literary name because I am going to be a published author soon and nothing says “serious writer” like naming random pets after famous literary characters.  I tried to get a picture of him sitting on my copy of To Kill a Mockingbird, but that did not go so well because I am NOT a good pet photographer & Boo is NOT a fan of sitting.  But he will do this:

Boo Radley Relaxing

Hi. Boo Radley again. I am not 100% all the time wiggle worm. I can chill for a few minutes. See?

In case you are wondering if, or even thinking of suggesting I should keep him.  The rest of my household (Michael the Beloved, Tessa the Dog & Zoey the Cat) got together and voted on Issue Kitten:

  1. NO!! (Mike)
  2. No thanks, but will you rub my belly? (Tessa)

So…..Boo Radley kitten needs a forever home.  Soon please!  Anyone out there want a kitten or know someone who wants a kitten? 

He’s been to see the LOVELY staff at Crestview Animal Hospital in Cumming and was given a clean bill of health.  He received his first round of feline vaccinations (2 more rounds will be needed over the next 2 months) and his rabies vaccine.  I’ve scheduled an intake evaluation with the Humane Society of Forsyth County for 1/6/12 and will post on Craig’s List.  But please spread the word.


NOTE:  I have invested over $150 in this little bundle’s future well-being and am willing to drive him almost anywhere in Georgia to get him into a good home.  That said, I am asking that anyone who adopts him make out a check for $50-$75 payable to “Humane Society of Forsyth County.”


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