Dear Blog, Happy Belated Birthday… Here’s a CRAZY Fun Gift!

Happy Belated Birthday to my Slay the Writer Blog!! Picture By Will Clayton

My first post on this blog was 3/9/11 so….yeah, I totally missed my blog’s first birthday.  Bad blogger.  Bad, bad, bad blogger!  But I’m going to make it up to myself and my blog with a very special gift.

Wait for it………..

I have decided to commission professional COVER ART for my first novel!!! (Woo hoo)

Let me be very clear about this.  My full manuscript is under consideration with 3 VERY impressive literary agents and, if they decide to represent my work, I am 100% committed to going the traditional publishing route.  That said, I have been “exploring the options” and spending a little time over at The Indelibles indie publishing website.  Right now, they have an incredible blog post about creating your own cover art.  However, I do NOT feel confident enough in my own Creative Suites/design skills to try this exercise on my own.

That said, I recently watched Dr. Wayne Dyer’s new PBS special entitled Wishes Fulfilled.  And I LOVE me some Dr. Dyer!  In this special he talked about calling up his publisher’s art department and having them create a cover BEFORE he actually writes the book (and I’ve heard him talk about this before).  Then he puts the new cover on an old book and puts the “future book” on his desk as a motivational & positive visualization tool.

While watching the special, I was thinking, That’s great for you Dr. Dyer, but I don’t have a publisher nor do I have an Art Department at my beck and call.

Then I started browsing independent cover artist websites.  HEY!  Maybe I COULD have my own art department!

So I contacted Steven Novak.  I told him about my novel and my cover art ideas and asked him for a price quote.  Here’s the thing…he knew the FULL NAMES of the artists who created the original Star Wars movie poster art and said he could not possibly recreate their work, but he supported my project and had some ideas.

BAM!  He had me.  The price he quoted was very reasonable so I decided to go for it.

Let me tell you, the first rough sketch he submitted for my review…I had to hide in the bathroom to get my emotions under control.  It felt MAGICAL!  I may never use this cover art for my novel, but I LOVE it and the price is SO worth the incredible boost to my positive thinking and moral.

When I have a final product, I’ll post it here.  Stay tuned….


2 thoughts on “Dear Blog, Happy Belated Birthday… Here’s a CRAZY Fun Gift!

  1. Love this post. What a great birthday present to give your blog!

    I made cover art for my book. Slipped it into notebooks and printed the book up to give to first readers. OK It was just a notebook with a picture printed on the cover, but it made it feel a little bit real. But what you’re doing is awesome. I can’t wait to see it.

    I remember when I saw the first sketches for my little story in Highlights for Children. It was so cool to see someone else interpret what I wrote and put pictures to it.

    So, yes, do share. Good for you.

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