Help Choose My Cover Design

Allrighty everyone, I need your assistance.  Please take a moment to provide some feedback….

As previously mentioned back on March 21st, I decided to purchase some cover art for my first novel.  Originally, this was a Wayne Dyer-inspired exercise in positive thinking.  Now I’m thinking this is going to be for keeps.

By “for keeps” I mean that I will probably use this cover for my novel’s indie-published edition.  Yep.  There’s that scary concept again.  Independent publishing.  It seems to be an increasingly inevitable step on my personal path toward writing success in this dizzy, ever-evolving world of 21st century publishing.  More on that soon. (Really and truly.  Pinky swear.)

The cover artwork was commissioned from Steven Novak, an incredibly talented, affordable and amiable artist whose services I highly recommend.  One of my best friends, a self-described “font freak” who earns her paycheck as the Design Ninja for DisplayIt, Inc, agreed to play with the title fonts.  The problem is…I’m having trouble choosing my favorite version.  The designs aren’t terribly different.  In fact, most people probably think I’m splitting hairs here, but I just can’t make up my mind and this little decision suddenly seems HUGE.  So I’ve decided to put the matter up for a vote.

Here’s a few basic things you may want to know about my novel before voting:

  • This is a contemporary, coming-of-age novel set in the summer of 1977
  • My main point-of-view character (Erika Williams) is an original Star Wars geek girl
  • Erika is the girl on the cover.  That is a Super 8 camera lofted above her head.
  • If you are not a Star Wars fan &/or have no idea why Erika is posed with that camera lofted above her head, please Google Star Wars 1977 poster.
  • It was written as a Young Adult novel, but I’m hoping it will have crossover appeal for Star Wars fans and geek girls of all ages
  • NOTE:  Erika has a bit of a weight problem.  I hate, hate, HATE it when I read a book about a girl with “weight issues” and the cover art features a lithe, skinny, perfect teenaged female creature.  Argh!  But if you insist on pictures of unrealistic perfection on your book covers, my cover art may not appeal to you.

OK, enough jabber!  Without further ado, here are my top three options.

Option A:

Option B:

Option C:

Now please cast your vote.  The poll will be open for one week (through Sunday 6/17/12).


5 thoughts on “Help Choose My Cover Design

  1. Beautiful cover! I voted for A. My only question is: Have you shrunken it down and seen if it works as a very small cover. I’ve read that’s important with e-book sales. Well, important for selling off the computer, I guess. Since many people won’t see the full cover.

    I don’t know anything about what looks good small. Just wondered if you had given it thought. I’d love to hear your thought processes, in fact, because, as I’ve said elsewhere, I may be self-publishing myself pretty soon.

    • Ha! Good point, Sally! My research indicates that book covers purchased from Amazon are 80 X 115 pixels on the search page (which is where you really need to entice the reader/buyer to click in) and 300 x 300 pixels on the Amazon page devoted to your novel (which includes the additional “Search inside” graphics Amazon adds on). And then there’s the issue of black & white images on eReaders (most Kindle readers). Hmmmmm…..methinks this may call for another post.

      (And don’t think for one second I missed that you are contemplating self-pub.)

  2. Oh, a “contest” terrific!! Thanks for letting “us” vote. When does this book go to print? I have got nieces and a nephew who would be interested; he loves anything Star Wars and is in 10th grade.

    slanted lettering is classic

    white lettering on dark background on this classic…note the author’s
    sig is in dark letters

    Considering these and reviewing your designs, I much prefer Option B with the white
    letters for ur book.

  3. I voted for b officially but really like A too….the slanting does trigger my OCD a little. Bet tony voted for a….lol….can’t wait to hear what you choose!

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