Summer Loving


Driving up I-75N after a short vacation in St. Pete’s Beach, FL. Well, to be clear, I’m not driving (she says waving energetically at the 15th highway patrol officer we’ve passed today). I’m backseat driving with two of my best buddies in the world making fun of all the “dumb bunghole” drivers on the road and the crazy billboard messages. (Seriously! Who pays for these nasty, hateful things?)


2 thoughts on “Summer Loving

  1. Um…nasty, hateful people?

    I hate all billboards, nasty or not. They are sight pollution. They suck energy from us.

    The only ones I think should be allowed to stay are the cows that can’t spell.

    • Hi Sally…I can’t be too specific about what we’re seeing because I try to stay away from politics here, but I agree with you. Billboards are awful in general. Reminds me of Wall-E.

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