Love This! “The Star Wars That I Used To Know” by Teddie Films

As a general rule, I try not to be a new trilogy hater. Yes, of course I’m original trilogy all the way. But sometimes, when I’m all alone, I find myself chattering to the pets using Jar Jar-esque dialect. (Meeza wantin you to be behavin better.)

Oh come on, it’s fun!

Anyhoo…an article in this week’s Dahlonega Nugget sent me on a wild search to find a music video that was shot here (which I will post another day) and I stumbled across this mini masterpiece:

I love the original Gotye song (for which, I have received much teasing), and I ADORE this parody. I love it so much, I finally broke down and created a profile on You Tube (just what I need, another form of time wastery) so I could post a comment and subscribe to their channel. Apparently, this Teddie Films has more parodies filled with Star Wars mockery just waiting out there to light up my life. Woo hoo!

Unfortunately, my beloved just tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me of the massive housework we need to do before all my best friends in the world converge on our humble home next weekend. (Sigh. It’s a good thing I love those people.)

Coming soon…my 2013 Star Wars Christmas List (from the silly to the sublime).


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