Hello, Kickstarter (I Love This)

Fair Warning:  If you do not have the time or funding to waste…errrr…invest in new creative projects, this may not be the post for you.

Creativity Puzzle

However, if you (like me) believe that the recent movement of online “crowd funding” is an exciting and energizing new horizon for creative professionals to launch amazing projects, JUMP right into this post. Come on! The water is…FULL of potential.

Tonight, we attended a screening and fundraising event for an incredibly creative and ambitious project entitled “The Nuggets”

I’m not going to ask you to fund this lovely project, because that would be weird. What I am going to say is this whole concept is rather brilliant. Is it not?

Any Tourist Board/Chamber of Commerce could make a dazzling online travel video…

Hey! You person with time and dollars to spend, come visit our lovely town. Look at this pretty place and this person who loves it here and…voila! Dontcha wanna be here too?

What I adore about this Nuggets project is the concept of a parody of those types of tourist blurbs turned into a comedy…and yet, still kind of a tourist blurb. Bravo to that!

However…I’m not here to praise one Kickstarter project, I’m here to mention the possibilities:

  • Make no mistake! It takes a serious investment to independently publish a new novel the RiGHT way…with proper editing, formatting and marketing…hello, Kickstarter.
  • It would be soooooo easy to launch a new novel the Kickstarter way. (Come on, you know you are struggling to name some of your minor characters? Why not SELL those names and quirky character descriptions?”
  • Imagine adding an “Executive Producer” credit to your writing resume. If the final product is fantastic, this could really boost your writing resume.
  • Have you ever dreamed of being a screenwriter? There are many opportunities out there for screenwriting credits on Kickstarter.
  • Would your manuscript make a perfect Lifetime Movie? Fund it!
  • Would you like to start a Creative Writing Retreat or Literary Festival? Kickstarter opens possibilities…

Those are my ideas. What are yours?

photo credit: shannonkringen via photopin cc


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