Success! (but there’s no finish line in sight yet)

The good news is that I have turned in my fully rewritten manuscript to my fabulous book coach and I believe it is a much better novel than it was before. The revisions were completed ahead of schedule and all of my money has been kept safely away from the evil agents of The Dark Side. (Whew.)

I should feel like this:Success JoySo why do I feel like this?Success AnxietyBecause there is so much more work to do, that’s why! There’s the whole publishing process (working with an editors, designers, etc) and then there’s the networking with potential reviewers process and then there’s the never-ending marketing process. And then, if I do this all right, I get to start the whole creative process over with the second book in this trilogy (tentatively titled Sometimes We Strike Back).

Oh, and did I mention that I have a ghost novel rewrite that I promised to two literary agents before Spring? (Whee!)

As Leia tells Han right after they escape from the Death Star, “It’s not over yet!”

photo credit: tricky (rick harrison) via photopin cc & kevin dooley via photopin cc


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