Book Release Scheduled for May 25

Beach jump for joy

Right now, I am a bizarre mix of bubbling excitement punctuated with brief flashes of terror. It’s too early to say much more, but there will be details coming soon. Lots of details. I promise. And a fantastic launch party. Stay tuned!

photo credit: mandolin davis via photopin cc


4 thoughts on “Book Release Scheduled for May 25

    • Thanks for asking! The physical book will be available for purchase on the May 25th release date. The eBook will probably be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble as well as the Apple iBookstore a week or two before the launch.

    • Sally – I really hope you have the time & inclination to come to my launch party or one of my author events…none of which are actually scheduled as yet. But I will have at least one event in the N. Atlanta area & one in Dahlonega. Plus I’m hoping for one in Athens & one in Cumming. BTW – It’s very kind of you to leave out the word ‘finally’ as in ‘I’m finally going get the read this bloody novel you’ve been yammering on about.

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