Do you remember…R2-D2 Underoos?

Don’t ask me WHY I Googled “r2d2 underoos” yesterday. Maybe I was having a flashback from my Saturday morning cartoons days. (Oh, such happy, happy days!) The important thing is that I found this gem on YouTube:

Hilarious, right? And you know what is even funnier? If someone bought me an adult-sized set of R2-D2 Underoos, I would wear them. I would.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit recently about Star Wars geek chic fashions for the modern girl. Crazy, fun, creative marketing ideas are buzzing around in my head fueled by all of the fun, crazy, creative things I’ve been finding on Pinterest. (I have mentioned before that I am hopelessly addicted to Pinterest, right?) 

Think Project Runway meets Star Wars geekery.

I’m not sure if or how I’m going to be able to make these weird and wonderful ideas work, but I think it will be fun to find out.

In the meantime, if you want to get a sneak peek of what I’m dreaming up, checkout my Pinterest board entitled Fangirls…This is not your brother’s Star Wars.


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