The New Book Review and Other News

Happy Sunday. Hope you are having a relaxing day filled with goodness and light. Me, I can’t remember the last relaxing day I was able to enjoy. So kick back and relax and enjoy yourself for me, OK?

Relax and refreshRight now, I’m sitting on our screened porch with a glass of lemon-ginger soda trying to finish up guest posts for my blog tour. Argh! Let me tell you something…writing guest posts for someone else’s blog is much, MUCH more difficult than I expected! I can write any old thing I want on my own blog…or just post silly pictures of the Fuzzies. Out there, hopping around from blog to blog, I have to write posts that stick to topics and follow some reasonable logic and have fully formed thoughts…all of which reminds me of how much I loathed writing high school English essays.

Zoinks! I am a weird and geeky fiction novelist. I regularly ignore reality to live in the fantastical worlds of my imagination. Who do I think I am to be spreading all of this writerly advice and wisdom all over the internets? Makes me feel a wee bit like a pretentious git. But it is called marketing. And it is necessary. Because everyone says so.

Moving on…Just wanted to check in with a few updates:

  1. Crystal Otto’s review of NSLA, NSFA is being featured today over on Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s New Book Review. (Which is an absolutely awesome blog where folks can submit a book review that was previously posted. It was named one of 101 Book Blogs You Need To Read by Online Universities, and 100 Essential Sites for Voracious Readers by Masters in English and won a Sassy Award. So check it out!
  2. There’s still 11 more stops on my blog tour, including at least 5 more chances to win a FREE copy of my book. The full tour schedule is posted on my “Come See Me” page but I’ll always post a reminder with a link right here at home.
  3. The event last night at Avid Bookshop was fun. Dark skies are being blamed for keeping away the hoards of readers we expected, but I love that bookstore. Again, I highly recommend a trip to Avid if you are anywhere near Athens, GA.
  4. Hey look! I’m finally posting a few pictures from my book event in Newark last weekend (6/22/13):
Hey look! What's that up on the Midland marquee?

Hey look! What’s that up on the Midland marquee?


It’s me, it’s me, it’s ME!!!!

photo credit: photolupi via photopin cc


Book Signing Event @ Avid Bookshop – Athens, GA

I am so excited! Tonight is my very first book signing event in a real, brick and mortar independent bookstore!!

Avid Bookshop_Athens GA

Avid Bookshop – Click on the photo to visit their website

First, here’s the details for my event:

WHEN:     6:30 – 7:30 PM today

WHERE:   Avid Bookshop @ 493 Prince Ave, Athens, GA 30601

Now I simply must write a few things about this wonderful place. This bookstore is everything an indie bookstore should be. It’s a friendly, cozy sort of space filled with a great selection of books. The staff is friendly without being overly chatty (which can ruin my book buying zen happiness). There are lots of handwritten shelf-talker cards from staff and customers in case you are the adventurous, omnivorous sort of reader who is always in search of new authors/titles (like me). There’s a great children’s section located in the back 1/3 of the retail space. (Yay, no tripping over kids while reading the back cover copy on the latest thrillers!). And all of this is located in a beautiful historic building.

Right next door, there’s a funky, friendly, fabulous salon called Model Citizen that is on just about every “Best of Athens” list. (Michelle at Model Citizen is responsible for my author photo look). The Grit, which is one of my most favorite restaurants in Athens, is within easy walking distance (two short city blocks). In other words, you can buy a stack of books, get your glamor on and stuff your gut in one trip.

Seriously, when visiting Athens, don’t stick to the campus/downtown area. This little section of Prince is worth a quick side trip or an entire afternoon.

Once upon a time, I dreamed of owning an independent bookstore…OK, I still indulge in that fantasy from time to time even though I know that it’s a 24/7 kind of career where the monetary profit margin tends to be lean (if at all) and where success requires catering to the public (ugh) and doesn’t allow much time for the actual reading of new books (zoinks!). Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to live in a bookstore without actually being responsible for running the place. Hmmmm…..

Anyhoo, whenever I used to visualize my fantasy bookstore, it looked A LOT like Avid Bookshop. It is truly the perfect little neighborhood bookstore. That’s why I’m so happy and grateful that somebody was willing to put in the work to make it a reality. And now I get to have a book event there!

Read These Books and Use Them – Yet Another Chance to Win a FREE Book


Margo L. Dill is a freelance writer/editor as well as a former elementary classroom teacher, writing teacher, and TITLE I teacher. She believes books can start conversations that children otherwise might not want to have. Which is probably why her blog is called Read These Books and Use Them!

I think it’s a pretty wonderful idea, don’t you?

Margo was kind enough to host the 4th stop on my blog tour today. Please check it out (and be sure to enter for a chance to win a FREE copy of my book).


This is NOT a picture of Margo, but I think it’s fun and it kinda, sorta fits with the theme of her wonderful blog..

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Lingo Lounge Tomorrow Night – May the Force Be With You In Publishing


Lingo_Lounge_June_27 copyNOTE: I will donate $2.00 to Lingo Lounge for every copy of NOT SO LONG AGO, NOT SO FAR AWAY sold during this event (event purchase price = $20.00)

Decoding Rejections + Another Chance to Win a FREE Book

Whenever I talk to other writers about the writing life, the discussion usually turns to submissions and (gulp) rejections. Why was I rejected? How can I avoid rejection? What can I do to stay motivated after rejection. Yep, this is where all the writerly fear, anger and loathing tend to boil over a bit. Well, I say rejections are a normal and healthy part of the process.

Today, I’m decoding rejections over Bookish Musings. Please check it out. Also, comments = love so be sure to comment on Holly’s blog…especially if you have a rejection story to share.

While you’re over there, check out Holly’s review of NSLA, NSFA (5 hearts! Woohoo!) and enter to win a FREE copy of my book (which saw its fair share of rejections before making it to publication).

Detective Photophoto credit: etringita via photopin cc

Cathy C. Hall’s Review – Another Chance to Win a FREE Book

medium_3115431483_TSCathy C. Hall called me a rising star! Woo hoo!

Check out her full review, including my interview (May the Fource Be With Us), by clicking here.

Did I mention that she is giving away a FREE copy of the book? All you have to do is comment on her post for a chance to win.

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WOW Blog Tour Starts Today!! Win FREE books!

Greetings from Newark, Ohio…where the weather is balmy and the wireless is not so easy to access. (Which is my way of apologizing for not posting updates and photos from my latest book event at the Midland Theatre. It was a great event. My name was on the marquee!)

Just a quick update that my blog tour starts today. Why should you care? First and foremost because most of the stops on my blog tour include a chance to win a FREE copy of Not So Long Ago, Not So Far Away. Second, because every blog stop features new posts and/or commentary from yours truly.

The first stop is over at The Muffin.

The rest of the blog stops are listed, with links, on my Come See Me page.

Now go check out the fantastic review and article over at The Muffin….GO!