Updates, Updates, Updates

So…I had planned to write a nice long chatty post last night to talk about everything that is going on over here and also talk about summer reading and beach vacations and getting sucked into books as opposed to sampling them and how it can cause arguments if your vacation reading style does not match the other person or persons on your vacation. But Mother Nature said, “Phooey on your plans, foolish mortal. I’m going to hit you with a smack daddy of a thunderstorm that will fry your internet connection until further notice.”

This is not the actual storm that fried the internet, but it's a cool picture.

This is not the actual storm that fried the internet, but it’s a cool picture.

So now I have like two minutes to post some updates. Here’s the quick rundown:

  • NSLA, NSFA is featured in a full page of the St. Simons Island Online Magazine (which is, by the way, a gorgeous and fantastic online magazine which has made me decide that I must take a beach vacation to St. Simons and go on a sea kayak adventure!)
  • There was also a fantastic article about the book on the front page of the Lifestyle section of The Dahlonega Nugget with snazzy color photos (but I cannot link to the actual article because you have to be a subscriber to see current stories online, but I will be purchasing 5-6 copies of the newspaper this week because I love the page so much I must wallpaper a section of my writing room with it)
  • This Saturday from 5:00 – 8:00 pm is my NSLA, NSFA Book Party during Dahlonega Gallery Walk with my illustrator J.B. Jones at Awakening Fine Art Gallery. I’m creating a 1977 refreshment table with such fun items as Tab Cola, Easy Cheese, Cheese Straws, Dark Vader S’mores and Nostalgic Candy. (Seriously, if you live within an hour or two of Dahlonega, you should come check out our gallery walk. It is fun! And there are lots of places to eat amazing food and drink local wine.)

Stormtrooper PartySo that is what is happening in my world. And I fully realize this is a terrible me, me, me post. I will write that post about summer reading soon. After the party. And then I have more to tell you….next week.

photo credit: Steve took it via photopin & ccStéfan via photopin cc


One thought on “Updates, Updates, Updates

  1. LOVED having you in the pages of St. Simons Island Online Magazine Trisha! And already can’t wait for more books—– no pressure! 😉

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