70’s Flashback – It’s Billy Dee Williams!

It has suddenly occurred to me that I have not yet gushed over the fact that Billy Dee Williams will be at Dragon*Con this weekend. He is the only actor in the original trilogy that I knew before he appeared in a galaxy far, far away.

Back in 1978, two years before Lando Calrissian swept onscreen to “greet” his old friend Han Solo, I was introduced to Billy Dee Williams via The Jeffersons and Billy Dee’s #1 fan, Florence Johnston. It is my absolute favorite episode of The Jeffersons so I’m going to post the last 1/3 here:

Note: You can watch the full episode on TouTube.

If I happen to meet Mr. Williams (a very big IF as I am not talented, clever or daring enough to pull off the whole celebrity stalking thing) and I yell, “It’s the REAL Billy Dee Williams!” do you think he’ll get the joke? Hmmm…probably not.


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